New 2019 5 Government loan scheme

New 2019 5 Government loan scheme

5 Government loan scheme
5 Government loan scheme
Government loan scheme, which is very important for the unemployed youth
CURRENT-AFFAIRS | Aug 12, 2018, 12:22 pm
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New Delhi: Unemployment is a major problem in the country, and the government has made many efforts to reduce it, but it is proving insufficient. If you talk to a loan, it is not easy to get it because it is necessary to follow all its rules. However, the government is making loan plans for those who want to start their career with a small industry, or want to use the available loans in any other work.

The government has launched several schemes to support the unemployed youth in the country and reduce poverty, which is very helpful to the youth. This includes the first Minister of Employment Employment Scheme, under the scheme, assistance is provided by the government to the unemployed youth. With this loan, unemployed youth can start-up their own. This loan is given to those who have studied upto standard 8. Under this scheme, a person can take up to 5 lakh loans for his business start-up.
Other plans include cash loans. Like the NEED scheme, this scheme is also a state funding loan, which is given to the unemployed youth to start a new business by the West Bengal government. Under this scheme, the unemployed person is Rs. 50,000 can apply for a loan. Agricultural Loan Scheme, this scheme is a very useful scheme for the unemployed people associated with agriculture. The unemployed youth who are 22 years of age or older, who are graduates, can apply for a loan under this scheme. Secured loans for the unemployed, some property is pledged by the person taking the loan, and the loan amount will be equal to the price they pay. Are there.
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