Ujjwala plan part-2: BPL and Anantiyodi family to get Rs. 1600 for PNG-LPG

Ujjwala plan part-2: BPL and Anantiyodi family to get Rs. 1600 for PNG-LPG

👉નોંધ:- આ પોસ્ટનો કોઈ પણ ફોટો (પિક્ચર) કોપી કરતા પહેલા અમારી પૂર્વ લેખિત મજૂરી લેવી ફરજીયાત છે

👉Ujjwala plan part-2: BPL and Anantiyodi family to get Rs. 1600 for PNG-LPG

 Ujjwala plan part-2: BPL and Anantiyodi family to get Rs. 1600 for PNG-LPG

 May 30, 2018 at 4:20 pm
The Government of Gujarat has decided to completely stop supply of Kerosene from September 1, to card holders of the APL category from the cheaper grain stores in the coming days following the campaign to declare Gujarat Smoke Free State.

👉Focus on BPL Family

Raised questions about the policies passed by the previous government for poverty eradication.  Poverty was increasing for the past several years.  We are fighting poverty.  He said that the free LPG connection will be made available in the name of women members in BPL families under the Prime Minister's Ujjwalala scheme.  In the first year 1.5 crore connections will be issued.  Target will be completed five years in three years.  He said that, after 60 years of independence, only five crore such connections will be available to the government within three years compared to 13 million LPG connections.  Modi said that when the BJP government of 2014 came to power, in his first speech in the Central Hall of Parliament, he has said that his government is committed to the poor.  Any government that takes action will be in the interest of the welfare of the poor and the poor.  Modi mentioned the schemes including minimum pension of Rs.1000.  Apart from this, the benefit of getting proven funding due to provident fund portability will be available now.  A large number of people have come forward after launching a live-up campaign on March 27th.  1.10 crore people have left subsidy voluntarily.  Modi assured that the subsidy surrender would be provided free LPG connection to BPL families.
 Customers are currently entitled to receive 12 cylinders or 5 cylinders of 34 cylinders.  Market value is higher than LPG, but subsidy costs are low.  Modi said that in the first year only BPL families are being given huge benefits.  Rs. 1600 will be provided to BPL families for each LPG connection.  There are active consumers of 16.64 crore LPG in the country.  Modi said in his address that power will reach the next 1,000 days in the 18,000 villages not yet having the power piles.
 Deputy Secretary of Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department M.Z.  According to the circular issued by Sharaf, the card holders of the APL category in the Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Jamnagar and Gandhinagar municipal areas in the first phase of the PDS kerosene will be issued in the next three months ie from 1st June to 31st August.  LPG or PNG connection at their own expense will be obtained for gas and from 1-9-2018 APP  Categories of ration card holders Public distibyusana System (PDS) kerosene will be stopped.
 After the decision to declare Smoke Free State in Gujarat, Antodaya
 That the PNG-LPG help scheme has been implemented to provide gas connection to Ration Card holders of BPL, on subsidy basis, in which the state government does not have LPG or PNG connection, the Prime Minister will be the first choice of women in the family and the families of BPL families.  And if there is no adult woman in the family, then mature  PNG urusana name and LPG subsidy of Rs 1600 for connection to the state government.
 According to the officials of Gandhinagar of Supply Corporation, 12.60 lakhs gas connections have been given in the first phase under the ministerial scheme of Ujjwalala and in the second phase, PNG-CNG cooking gas will be given to Antadiya or BPL Kerosene ration card holders.  The State Government has entered into this scheme to get clean fuels instead of kerosene.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a lively scheme related to providing free local cooking gas connections to families living below poverty line.  Launching a free gas connection scheme, Modi himself labored

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