Driving Licence Online Apply 1st August in Every Gram Panchayat

Driving Licence Online Apply 1st August in Every Gram Panchayat

Driving Licence Online Apply 1st August in Every Gram Panchayat
Driving Licence Online Apply 1st August in Every Gram Panchayat
:People of all age love to ride a bike or drive a car. They prefer to be independent and be able to travel from one point to another without

depending on others. Though, cabs and public transport has improved greatly in the last decade, people prefer to drive on their own. Though learning how to drive is the first step, applying for a driving licence is the most important step if you decide to drive on the roads.
The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that no individual will be allowed to drive a motor vehicle in a public place with a valid driving licence. It is a punishable offence. So, if you have always put aside going to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as it is time consuming or are not sure how to apply for driving licence in your city, read on.

Applying for a driving licence is a very easy procedure. Unlike decades ago, people can now go online and apply for a driving licence in few seconds. You do not have to stand in a long queue to submit your DL application.
Enter DL Number and Date of Birth in the respective fields and click on ‘Go’.

On clicking ‘Go’, the website will automatically fill the ‘Last Endorsed Details’.
In the ‘Submit Request to’ section, you have to select the state and RTO from the dropdown menus of the ‘Apply to State’ and ‘RTO’ sections.
Click on ‘Proceed’ to go to the next step.

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