Now your operation will be free? Life-saving card

Now your operation will be free?  Life-saving card

Now your operation will be free?  Life-saving card

Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced Ayushman India National Health Security Mission on Sunday.  Through this plan, more than 50 million people will receive treatment for more than 100 million families.  Read important issues related to the scheme-

 How to choose?
 Under this scheme, on the basis of census of 2011, 10 crores houses will be selected.  The list of families from the support number has been prepared and you will benefit from the facility.  After preparing the schedule, no credential will be required to receive the benefits of this plan.
 How do you know that you have been registered?
 In the 2011 census, people below the poverty line will occupy it.  You can test whether your name is in the scheme at  First you go to this website.  Here you will find a box on the home page.  Enter the mobile number in the OTP.  By entering it you will know whether your name is connected or not.
 Apart from this, whether people can call 14555 to find out whether their names are with this plan or not.  People can also go to nearby hospitals to find out whether they will benefit from this plan.

 How to get benefits in hospital
 The patient will have to submit his insurance documents after hospitalization.  Depending on this, the hospital will inform the insurance company about the cost of treatment and payment without treatment will be done without confirming the insurer's documents.  Under this scheme, the insured person will be able to get treatment not only in the government but in private hospitals.  The operation of connecting private hospitals has started.

 It will also benefit from the fact that crowds will be reduced in government hospitals.  Under the scheme, the government will open more than 1.5 lakh health and wellness centers across the country, which will provide free medicines and diagnostic services for free.

 Benefits without assurance card
 You do not need a support card for the Ayushman India plan.  According to the Supreme Court, you do not need a base card to take advantage of any government scheme.
Which disease treatment can you get?
 Under this scheme, the facility of separating the treatment of mother health and delivery, newborn and children's health, adolescent health facilities, contraceptive facilities and the management of infectious, non-infectious diseases, eye, nose, ear and throat diseases.  The unit will be there.  Older treatments can also be done.
 In which many centers are mentioned
 There are two components - the first 10.74 lakh families have got Rs.  5 lakhs of health insurance.  Second Health Wellness Center will update the primary health centers across the country.  These centers will also get free medicines with treatment.  Chhattisgarh 1000, Gujarat 1185, 505 in Rajasthan, 646 in Jharkhand, 700 in Madhya Pradesh, 1450 in Maharashtra, 800 in Punjab, 643 in Bihar, 255 in Haryana.
 You can also go to a cybercafe around you to get a living card, or you can find someone who does this work and know your name from the number of your ration card, whether your name may not show in the website.  Your name will come after some time but you will have to keep checking because this name is only as per 2011.
 Do not forget to send a friend's life card and to everyone so that all people can use it. Many people do not even know what life cards mean to them. Secondly, if the friends of the hospital do not have a free life card, take them away as you like them.  It can be done and this card varies from person to person

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